Thelist: Diego Zuko’s Top 20 Street Snaps From Fashion Month

It was an insane Fashion Month. I’ve never experienced so many people out in the streets— from kids with iPhones trying to get their ‘golden selfie’ with a supermodel, to tourists with cameras vying for pictures for who-knows-what. Whatever the reason, each season street style photographers face new challenges out there.

Mine was a trip that started in noisy and chaotic NYC, where I almost got kicked by Bella Hadid’s bodyguard for no specific reason. Next stop was—of course—rainy and cold London. For the third leg, I hit the European continent and the ‘pizza and pasta paradise’ of Milan, the perfect place to get my batteries recharged—the weather was nice and the Italians keep smiling and serving espressos to keep us awake. The final leg of my fashion tour commenced in majestic Paris—where after the 4th day you can’t believe there’s still 4 more days to go. But we all survived another four fashion weeks—here is a small selection of some of my favorite moments throughout the month.

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